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This website includes therapist's credentials, contact and practice information and current standing with EMDRIA. In our efforts to keep our listings as accurate as possible, all information will be verified through EMDRIA's website. The status of all clinicians, whether they have received Basic Training, are designated an EMDRIA Certified Clinician or have achieved Approved Consultant status, can be viewed online at

Credentialing for Certification and Approved Consultant status is maintained through EMDRIA , the organization overseeing all clinicians trained in EMDR Therapy when it comes to advanced training and standing. Advanced credentials are sustained through maintenance of membership in EMDRIA and ongoing renewal requirements based on continuing education as well as other requirements particular to the status. This information may be viewed online at

The website information may be subject to change by the webmaster in order to comply with the current designated status as indicated by EMDRIA. Our webmaster will occasionally review clinician designations as indicated on the EMDRIA website. Should we find a discrepancy we will contact the clinician to verify their standing before making changes. We thank you all for taking the time to make our website, and your listings, accurate and up-to-date. All entries will need to be confirmed as correct with no changes needed or be updated on a yearly basis. All confirmations or updated profiles can be made by emailing This year;s deadline for updates is May 1, 2019.

The information herein exists solely for the purposes of professional networking, clinical referral and professional resource gathering.
The individuals' information and all other content on the site may not be used for duplication, solicitation, publicity, advertisement or distribution.

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